Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kvis & AIPS awesomeness!

You can use kvis to view your AIPS images directly! See below for more details. Thanks to Bryan Gaensler for this awesome tip.

The program kvis is an image viewer that is part of the karma image analysis package. An undocumented, but cool feature of this program is that if you navigate to your AIPS data directory (typically somewhere like $AIPS_ROOT/DATA/LOCALHOST_1) in the kvis file selector you will see each AIPS image file with its correct name (instead of crytic filenames like FQD001001.099;) and be able to click on them and view them. Once you've got then in kvis, you can even save to FITS.


Adrienne said...

This will make my life so much happier! Thanks for the tip.

Danny said...

Hello AIPS ninjas.

Is there any way to import miriad *.uv files -the kind that are whole directories full of binary files- into AIPS?


Adrienne said...

After attempting to get this to work, we've run into a problem. When we open the file browser for the AIPS directory, I get the following error message:

_foreign_aips1_read_catalogue: error reading catalogue header Success

Any ideas?

amanda said...

Sorry, no idea.

I must say that I've had intermittent luck with this trick. Sometimes it works, sometimes it just spews a bunch of error messages. You might want to try and make sure that your files are less than 2.1 GB if you're on a 32-bit system.