Monday, October 20, 2008

Multi-scale clean vs. regular clean

Those of you clean afficiandos should check out this recent astro-ph article:
Multi-Scale CLEAN: A comparison of its performance against classical CLEAN in galaxies using THINGS


Adrienne said...

From what I know, MSCLEAN as implemented in CASA/AIPS++ is about 40x slower than the version implemented in classical AIPS. The CASA/AIPS++ version also stores multiple copies of your data, so the files get huge.

amanda said...

re: adrienne

That's huge!!! Yikes! Yay for classic AIPS!

Adrienne said...

As a followup to my comment, I talked to Crystal Brogan about this. Apparently the CASA files store the "scratch" data and so you'll actually need that disk space if you want to work with the files. On the other hand, if you have 20 files you probably won't be working with all of them at once.. I'll have to ask her about that.