Monday, October 20, 2008

SUBIM question

A question from reader Jenny:

I'm trying to combine two optical images using AIPS (don't ask why!) but the FITS images I have are not centred on the sources I want to combine. I want to use SUBIM to create images centred on my targets but is there a way to get the task to create the image using the ra and dec of the target rather than TRC and BLC?

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Laura said...

Probably, unfortunately, what you need to do is write an AIPS script that uses one of GEO tasks (OHGEO, HGEO...) or FLATN to recenter the image on the appropriate ra and dec, and then runs SUBIM around the central pixel. Shouldn't be too bad. If you only have a couple sources, you don't even need to write a script, you could just do it by hand. But it shouldn't be too bad to automate. You should see posts on aips scripting to get you started.