Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Missing Flux Cals

I'm reducing archival data, and a flux calibrator was unfortunately not taken at the beginning and the end of the observation. It was only taken at the beginning, and when I read the data in with FILLM, FILLM says that the antennas moved between my flux cal and my phase cal/data. FILLM then puts the flux cal in a different UV file from the data/phase cal.

I'm thinking the antennas couldn't have moved THAT much over 15 minutes (and all i want is a flux anyway), so I'd still like to use the flux cal (also there are no appropriate recent fluxes for the phase cal in any of the NRAO databases that Claudia suggested.) Is there a way to
a) apply a flux calibration solution from another uv file?
b) relax FILLM's requirements so that it will not be so sensitive to moving antennas and put everything in one file?
c) append a source to another UV file? I know uvglu appends in frequency, but i don't think it appends sources.


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Laura said...

Ok, duh. DBCON can append two UV files. I had never thought about doing it for multi-source files, but it seems to work very well!

Emily also pointed out UV2MS to me, which also seems like it should be able to append UV files, but it was screwing up FREQIDs so I think DBCON is preferable.