Thursday, July 5, 2007

SMOTH and and regridding

Can anyone suggest an AIPS task that can help me with the following? I'm looking at emission lines in a diffuse source. I needed to try and increase my S/N levels, but could not smooth the line because it has some complicated structure (multiple velocity components, etc) that I want to fit. So, I smoothed spatially using SMOTH.

Since my beam is now almost twice the size that it used to be (6'' instead of 4'') I think the pixel size of the original image may be oversampling the beam. Can I regrid the smoothed image to have 1'' pixels instead of 0.5'' pixels? How?



KED said...

I figured out a couple ways to do this, but this is what I wound up doing: subim has a xinc and yinc parameter that lets you chose every Nth pixel to decimate your image.

Kelley said...

How does IMSUB work though? If you only take the information from, for example, every third pixel, don't you lose flux? Or is IMSUB smart enough to combine the flux information from the pixels you are not keeping, into the one you are?

Anonymous said...
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