Wednesday, July 25, 2007

limited line length in runfiles

in runfiles you can't have lines longer than ~70 characters (i'm not sure what the actual limit is). i've only had a problem with this once when i was defining a large array of filenames for the multiple pointings in a mosaic. the only way to get the whole array defined was to fill in the last three entries manually. i've posted the code i used below.

string*8 obj_name(15)
obj_name = 'GH40-1','GH40-2','GH40-3','GH40-4','GH40-5','GH40-6'
obj_name(7) = 'GH40-7'
obj_name(8) = 'GH40-8'
obj_name(9) = 'GH40-9'

Note added by Amanda on 10/05/07: It's actually easier to use the tilde. See this post.

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