Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remote login to AIPS

So, you're away from your computer (say it's in Wisconsin and you're in South Africa), but need to log in to AIPS remotely to get some (simple) work done. Since I do this about once every six months and have to relearn how to do it every time, here's the solution.
ssh into your machine, then instead of just typing at the terminal:

> aips
> aips da=<computer name=>
both of which give me errors or repeatedly ask for me to retype my password, try:
> aips notv da=<computer name>
Eh, voila! I can use AIPS without complaint.
True, you can't use the tv to view your data, but that would be a pain to do remotely anyway. When I make an image, I output an .PS file and rsync it to my local machine. rsync is nifty and worth learning, if you don't know it already.


Martin said...

Re using the TV: aips tv=local is your friend.

Grecco said...
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Anonymous said...


I have been reading this AIPS blog for a while and it has proved very resourceful.

I have a question about adding a new AIPS task which I obtained from someone else as a Fortran code. This is written in an AIPS-compatible way. It is named as HAPPY.FOR

I have a 31DEC11 binary version of AIPS installed on MacOSX Lion.

I have tried going through the AIPS cookbook on adding new tasks. But unlike modifying an existing task or creating a talk from one of AIPS templates, this is a slightly different situation.

My question is how do I integrate this task into AIPS? Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


kate said...

I was wondering if anyone knew how to run AIPS repeatedly using bash scripting.

I have to read in a file, use the uvcon task then output a file but this needs to be done 100 times with different files. I can easily write a script to cycle through and change the input and output file names but I'm not sure how to run AIPS each time. I have a line in the bash script which opens up AIPS but then I get stuck as I'm not sure how to enter my user ID and run uvcon and close it each time

Any help would be great