Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting rid of distracting black lines in TVFLG/SPFLG

Have you ever loaded your data into TVFLG or SPFLG and seen what looks like lots of blank times (manifested as horizontal black lines cutting through your data)?

This is because TVFLG/SPFLG is trying to load your data with a time bin that is not a multiple of your integration time. So---the solution is to set DPARM(6)! Set DPARM(6) to your integration time in seconds; e.g., for GMRT data:

DPARM(6) = 16.7

(or, if you have time averaged your data, set it equal to your averaging time).

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amanda said...

Make sure to watch what TVFLG or SPFLG is setting as the smoothing time. Sometimes you can set dparm(6) equal to the integration time and it will smooth it much larger than dparm(6) in order to fit the data on your screen. For high-frequency data (lots of short integrations), you probably want to set dparm(6) equal to the integration time, but only select out a small data range at a time, so that you don't end up missing something because of high smoothing values.