Thursday, March 5, 2009

Imaging with AIPS

Reader Elena has a question:

Could some of you indicate me a tutorial for imaging with AIPS ?
I would need something with examples, and possibly considering both point-like and extended sources.
So far I found this :
It's not focused on imaging, but there are some useful images as examples. Besides, it doesn't consider the case when one can not self-calibrate (e.g. looking for all Stokes parameters), that would be very interesting for me.

My response is below.

Elena, I would suggest that you read the AIPS COOKBOOK section on imaging and check out the synthesis imaging summer school book on imaging as well. I also encourage you to play around with IMAGR and see how changing the different parameters changes the image.

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Laura said...

Yeah, that's one of the better websites I've found too. This is a matter near and dear to my heart; NRAO always says they want to open up radio/mm interferometry to the wider community, but sometimes I feel like it's a closely guarded secret. I guess learning about interferometry has always just been word of mouth? Regardless, I think the lack of resources for a beginner is really a shame. The AIPS manual can be helpful, but it's really only helpful after you understand the process and have done it a couple times.

I was trying to write my own 'banana recipes' that were actually targeted for beginners, but I ran out of steam. It's time consuming! I think I only made it to calibration. I should probably keep on writing. I'll try to add some more 'Wisconsin Banana Recipes' to this site soon! (have to warn you, though, that I don't know about your latter request for all-Stokes parameters)--Laura