Thursday, August 14, 2008

AIPS system temperatures.. in miriad?

So we're trying to reduce our data in AIPS and then image in it miriad. Sounds familiar. Anyway, we want to use options=systemp when inverting the uv data. However, I've noticed that miriad doesn't appear to correctly import the system temperatuers from AIPS when using "fits" to read in the fits file that I wrote with AIPS using FITTP. In fact, it sets all the system temperatures to 60K, exactly.

There is an option in fits (varwt) to use the reciprocal of the noise variance on a visibility as its weight, but the system temperatures are still set to 60K.


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Kelley said...

Hey Addie,

I ran into the same problem ~4 years ago with some data. You can set the system temperature and system gain in the header in miriad, but that didn't seem to improve my situation.

Anyway, I just ran into the same problem again, proceeded to search the aips blog to see if anyone had figured out a solution (after banging my head against my desk for ~an hour), but to no avail. .