Monday, June 30, 2008

Need Larger Fonts on Plots

I'm trying to get the labels for my plots in AIPS to be much larger than the default. LWPLA has an option to specify the font size, dparm(8), but after playing with it, it seems like 24pt is the maximum font size. I would really like to use something bigger than this. I can modify the labels manually in Illustrator, but that requires repositioning all the labels, which is way too time intensive. Any other ideas?

UPDATE: Solution using ASPMM parameter in LWPLA detailed in comments.

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amanda said...

After some playing around with LWPLA, it looks like changing ASPMM did the trick. I had been using ASPMM=0, which self-scales. The self-scaling interval makes the plot fill the page optimally, but doesn't take into account the font size of the labels. By seeing aspmm equal to a value slightly larger than the value LWPLA gets from self-scaling (this number is given in the MSGSRV when you run LWPLA), I was able to up the font size of the labels considerably using DPARM(8). For what it's worth, I also set the paper size to letter, landscape mode.