Monday, December 3, 2007

Setting up New Data Disks

My latest organizational scheme for AIPS is to give each project a new AIPS data disk. I just spent some time adding a new data disk to my AIPS installation on my laptop. Here's what I did to get it. (BTW, I've got a MacBook, but that shouldn't matter for this.)

In $AIPS_ROOT, cd to DA00. Save a copy of the DADEVS.LIST file as DADEVS.LIST.old. Then edit the DADEVS.LIST. I just copied the first uncommented line (set up by AIPS) and incremented the data disk number by 1, i.e., LOCALHOST_2. Now save a copy of the NETSP file in the same directory to NETSP.old. Again, edit the file by copying the first uncommented line and incrementing the data disk number by 1. Finally, cd to $AIPS_ROOT/DATA, mkdir LOCALHOST_2 (or whatever your new data disk is named), cd to LOCALHOST_2, and create a file named SPACE (touch SPACE). Now when you start up AIPS you should have additional data disks available.

Most of this tip was taken from the AIPS Manager FAQ (see "How do I configure new AIPS data areas?").


Laura said...

Something I've started doing is using soft links to the actual data areas... so LOCALHOST_1 links to /DATA/myDATA or whatever. It makes things easier with external drives and that sort of thing.

astrotyan said...

Thanks! It works. I guess you have to configure DADEVS.LIST and NETSP whenever you want to change disks.