Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting TELL to Work

TELL sounds like a really great idea; For example, I might accidentally turn off the TV in the middle of a 6 hour long IMAGR session, and I could turn it back on by telling AIPS dotv =1!

BUT--does anyone know how to get TELL to work? Unfortunately, it appears that you need a prompt to be able to use TELL, and the long routines that one runs usually withold the prompt.

The way I see it, I think there are two ways to get a prompt, and to be able to communicate with AIPS and TELL it something.

1) dowait = false
haven't actually tried this, but i think that it will give you the prompt back after you start IMAGR. However, from quick glances at the help pages, this may limit how IMAGR interacts with the user.


2) open up a new AIPS window and log in with the same user ID. But when I did this, it didn't recognize that I was running IMAGR. Maybe there is something fancy to make AIPS recognize other windows of the same user?

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Rupal said...


I've been having the same problem ever since I started with VLA low-frequency data, where you may require to clean 500 facets or more and imagr does not return to prompt. I haven't tried dowait=false option, but an ugly yet clever workaround is to hit cntr-c while imagr continues to run in the background. Log into aips again and do a "tget imagr" and "tell".

Hope this helps!